Three days until Big Picture Festival!

Warwick’s film festival – Big Picture Festival – is coming to the Bridge House Theatre this weekend, bringing with it a vast array of films from cult horror to Hollywood classics; indie gems to family favourites. It’s produced by Live & Local and is a celebration of the burgeoning Midlands’ film scene and inclusive community cinema.

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The festival aims to make Warwick a film destination in its own right – call it the Cannes of the Midlands – whilst exploring what community means with a programme about Family and Discovery. Families come in many different forms and are often special groups that we create for ourselves rather than the ones we’re born into. Family can mean banding together when times are tough or working with others to achieve a seemingly insurmountable goal. The programme includes tribes of all different sizes and guises, from the emerald walls of Oz to a French foster home.

Discovery could mean self-discovery with characters realising they can do things they never thought possible, or simply the complicated process of growing up. Discovery could be a new and fascinating style of filmmaking, or inventive ways of telling stories. It could even be a very literal form of discovery; playing the role of intrepid explorer and stumbling into a fantastical realm.

The festival comes at a time when huge strides are being made in developing the Midlands’ screen industry with the ‘Inaugural Membership of Screen’ introduced. Peaky Blinders creator Steven Knight, Birmingham-born actor Adil Ray and Debbie Isitt (who created the Nativity film franchise and is a Coventry native) are all part of a new taskforce to ‘supercharge’ film and television production in the area. It’s considered one of the most significant shake-ups of support for the Midlands’ screen sector for nearly a decade, something that not only supports major hubs like Birmingham but has a knock-on effect for film culture throughout the region. Big Picture Festival is proud to be a part of this rejuvenation and grateful to funder Film Hub Midlands for their generous support. Film Hub Midlands is a driving force behind film culture in the Midlands. By providing funding and training, it aims to help more people in the area watch, make, and show films.

See the full programme with all the extra detail below:
Brochure page 4
Brochure page 5
Brochure page 8
Brochure page 9

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