Live & Local Brand Rationalisation

From the start of the new Autumn 2019 season, Live & Local is phasing out the ‘Shindig’, ‘Centre Stage’, ‘Village Ventures’ and ‘Lincolnshire Rural & Community Touring’ brands and is renaming all its county networks Live & Local (followed by the county name) e.g. Live & Local Nottinghamshire, Live & Local Worcestershire.

 This will ensure that the rural & community touring service is consistently branded across multiple counties (improving brand awareness, recognition, impact and loyalty) and that communications are simplified with new and existing audiences, stakeholders, media and social channels.

It also helps avoid any confusion on the part of funders/sponsors/advertisers and enables them to buy into a recognisable brand with greater geographic and demographic reach.

Practically it is beneficial as Live & Local did not inherit logo graphics files for some of the above networks that are reproducible on all media or mobile-friendly.

The ‘Shindig’ brand will be retained for anticipated future use.

If you would like to discuss this further, please do not hesitate to contact your area Fieldworker or the Marketing Team.

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