The team at Live & Local had a wonderful time at the NRTF (National Rural Touring Forum) ‘HiVis: Value, Impact and Success of Rural Touring’ conference in Bangor. This is an annual conference where schemes, promoters and artists meet for talks and showcases of work. Read below for some of the things they learnt and enjoyed at the conference:


Live & Local’s NRTF 2019 cohort!

MICHELE, Fieldworker

The NRTF conference was blessed with sunny weather, a beautiful location and professionals and voluntary promoters from all over the country passionate about Rural Touring. The conference was themed around diversity and inclusion with some thought-provoking presentations which highlighted some simple things that can be done to improve access such as a torch for dark car parks as well as challenging some preconceptions: apparently young people don’t want to promote to their peers but they are happy to promote to younger children and older people).

One highlight for me was Eric Maclennan’s Open Air Drawing Room, a lovely mix of outdoor performance and participatory art…I’m very excited that I am going to have a piece exhibited in The Turner Gallery – Margate! 

Another was a showcase of a show that hasn’t been developed yet; “The Rest of Their Lives” by Jo Fong and George Orange, two charming, quirky and engaging performers that left me itching to see the show when it finished. ‘It’s a mystery why I am so intrigued by a show created by artists in their fifties about the joys, trials and absurdity of getting older.’

KIRSTY, Company Manager

I saw work in progress shows such as ‘You’ve Got Dragons’ by Taking Flight, ‘Yours Sincerely’ by Quick Duck Theatre and ‘Dangerous Giant Animals’ by Christina Murdock. There was a great session on ‘Diversity in a Rural Context’ where we discussed the challenges and opportunities around diversity in our rural areas.

Another personal highlight for me was winning a PomPom and a Hi-Vis Jacket for coming third in social engagement over the duration of the conference!

See evidence below:


Check out our twitter to see her work!

SERA, Administrator

It was my first time at the rural touring conference. The whole conference had a lovely tone to it with a great balance between networking and watching theatre. A highlight, for me, was meeting with some of the many dedicated volunteers and workers who make this all possible.

I saw a range of diverse showcases which provided much food for thought. I enjoyed a performance of bluegrass-jazz-rock’n’roll fusion, creatively captioned BSL performances, an interesting interpretation of Shakespeare’s ‘Comedy of Errors’, and Candoco’s showcase featuring disabled and non-disabled dancers. 

All of this culminating in a showcase of the traditional music of Wales and Twmpath (Ceilidh).


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