We love working with our venues at Live & Local. Diane at Wren Hall told us about the Hall’s vision for the future.

Wren Hall is a bustling hub of community activity in Warwickshire. It is a place where locals and visitors can meet, a place for celebrations and parties, for meetings and gatherings, and a home for charities and community groups. Through a programme of re-ordering and restoration, along with new outdoor facilities, it is now our vision to take Wren Hall forward for future generations and create spaces that can tackle some of the challenges our local communities face.


Wren Hall is a unique building. Its name might lead you to believe it is a run-of-the-mill village hall; it is far from it. Originally built as a school in the 1860s, an addition, designed by Sir Clough Williams-Ellis (of Portmeirion fame), was made into a Grade II Listed Building in 1912. After the school ceased to operate in 1996, the building was taken over by a group of impassioned volunteers and named after Sir Christopher Wren, former owner of the Wroxall Estate.

Serving the parishes of Beausale, Haseley, Honiley and Wroxall, Wren Hall provides a community facility not only for the 800 local residents but a wider scope of individuals, charities and community groups who need a safe and welcoming space to meet, from across Knowle, Warwick, Kenilworth, Balsall Common and Coventry.


Wren Hall’s ‘Sunday Teas’ is an example of our success. Each Sunday from April to October, from 2 – 5pm, tea and cakes are provided with an open house to all interested. With 100 to 200 people attending each week, the teas regularly raise in the region of £500 each which supports a range of local charities who get involved.

Live & Local enables our Events Team to bring high quality, entertaining and affordable arts to our rural community.  We dipped in our toe with the brilliant Kit Holmes and Al Greenwood in October last year and followed up with the hilarious Fol Espoir Theatre Company in March. Judging from the audience responses we’ll be enjoying more Live & Local events at Wren Hall in the future.

Photo Credit: Martin Wood


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