Our New Season Kicked Off With Some TWISTED TALES!

Twists and Turns in Bonington

The first show of the NEW Live & Local season, Owdyado Theatre Company’s Twisted Tales, took place at Bonington Theatre, Arnold, where the audience was treated to three black comedies inspired by Inside Number Nine and The Twilight Zone. The audience had fun watching the performers become totally different characters in each show and trying to work out the many twists!

The show’s tagline, ‘How far would you go to get what you want?’, prepares the audience for exploring themes including justice, jealousy, revenge and obsession. The company specialise in ‘accessible theatre’  – each play is the length of a standard TV episode (30 minutes)  and this particular show was perfect for those with a dark or ‘twisted’ sense of humour.

For performers Charlotte and Dan, their passion for theatre started at a young age and both enjoyed putting on shows for their respective parents. They explained that Owdyado Theatre came about as a result of Charlotte and Dan meeting each other after working with Cornish touring company, Miracle Theatre: “we found that we had similar tastes in theatre and comedy and decided to write our own show About A Bench which was ten short stories all centred around a park bench. This production played with theatrical styles; some stories were naturalistic, some were absurdist, others pantomime.”

Their following shows also focused on mysteries, plot twists and were written using pithy dialogue with fast cuts between scenes: “we realised that this was becoming our signature style – a style that has evolved with the help of the company’s Associate Directors Simon Harvey (also Associate Director for the internationally renowned Kneehigh) and Brett Harvey (award-winning Cornish filmmaker and director of Twisted Tales). For Twisted Tales, we decided to make the twist elements an out-and-out main feature of the piece. It is also the first show we have employed additional writers.”

DSC_0261                              Theatre enthusiast, Hannah gets her programme signed


Owdyado are now seasoned ‘rural tourers’, enjoying travelling the country and meeting the different promoters and communities. Dan and Charlotte have also noticed that village halls can attract larger crowds than ‘normal’ theatres due to the close-knit communities and performances being made into more of an ‘event’. They enjoy the thrill of performing in front of the amazing audiences and enjoy hearing the very positive feedback that they often receive after each show: “It’s always lovely when people take the time to post on Facebook after a show as it shows they must have been moved by it to go to the effort. That makes us feel very happy! Acting is our passion, so when we’re up on stage telling the story and feeding off the audience’s energy, it feels very natural, like we’re doing what we were born to do!”

At Live & Local, we couldn’t be happier that Owdyado opened our brand new season. We were also thrilled with the reaction from the brilliant Bonington audience and the many conversations that took place after each show as the crowd discussed the twists and turns they had been led down throughout this exhilarating piece of theatre.

To see what other fantastic shows we have coming up then see the ‘What’s On’ section of our website.


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