Brighton Fringe

Collage 2017-06-06 16_58_35Ally and Jo were lucky enough to receive a grant from the NRTF through the Rural Touring Dance Initiative to go and see some dance shows at the Brighton Fringe this year. They packed in as many shows as possible to see if any would be suitable for Rural Touring. Here’s what they had to say about it:

Jo: Never having been to the Brighton Fringe before I was thrilled to have this opportunity to see some fantastic shows.
Ally: I have never been to an Arts Festival and have never been to Brighton so this was a double whammy for me!brig3
Jo: And the weather was absolutely gorgeous.
Ally: We both have the sunburn to prove it! Brighton is such a hub of culture with some beautiful areas, I was thrilled to be there for the Fringe.
Jo: When we arrived, the team at the Arts Industry tent were extremely helpful in getting all our tickets for us.
Ally: Especially when I had misplaced some tickets and had to go back…
Jo: Don’t remind me! We had two days to see as much as possible, which often meant dashing off to the next show or jumping in a taxi to make sure we caught the next one! All the effort was worth it as we some truly great shows.brig2
Ally: My highlight was ‘We are Ian’ by In Bed With My Brother at the Komedia. An immersive dance performance based around the house and rave scene of 1989, delving into the frenzied drug fixation and party madness known around that time. The audience was in for a treat and an experience from the get go!
Jo: I am very jealous I missed that one! But I was seeing some fantastic ones myself. My highlight was a contemporary dance show, ‘WATCHING Ceci n’est de deux’ with an alien looking life sized puppet! Which I think would be great for rural touring albeit a bit shocking!brig4.jpg
Ally: That sounds bizarre but I think I would’ve loved it!
Jo: We also managed to catch a show together at the end, a comedy mime called Trygve Wakenshaw.
Ally: He was truly incredible! We were in stitches and having to hold on to each other for almost the whole 75 minutes! I could’ve seen him again and again.
Jo: All in all a fantastic experience which enabled us to scout out things that might be possible to bring to you through our rural touring programme.
Ally: We have definitely come back with some ideas for new and fresh productions we could bring on for rural touring but only time will tell – stay tuned!

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