Discover our new Chedham’s Stories project…

Live & Local’s Development & Projects Manager, Chris Davis, and Warwickshire & Worcestershire Fieldworker, Julia Thompson, have been working since November 2015 to bring to fruition two new exciting projects for Warwickshire.  We’re eager to share our news about the brilliant new projects with you and Julia has written this weeks blog post to tell you more about what she and Chris have been up to…..

In August we met with Lucky Lowe, a volunteer from Chedham’s Yard in Wellesbourne and we began to think about how Live & Local could work with heritage sites and most importantly Chedham’s. Over the last few months we continued to brew ideas and we are now happy to announce our two new projects, Discover: Warwickshire’s Story Trail and most importantly Discover: Chedham’s Stories.


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Discover: Chedham’s Stories is a pilot project for Discover: Warwickshire’s Story Trail, a mobile application which offers a new insight into heritage sites in Warwickshire through stories, songs and reminiscences. Chedham’s Yard, the pilot site for the project, will partner with Live & Local to bring this idea to life.

The project is being supported by Warwickshire County Council’s Tourism Event Funding, which has awarded £10,000 for Discover: Chedham’s Stories.

Over the next nine months local musicians (and Live & Local regulars) Kel Elliott & Her Three Man Orchestra will collect stories from volunteers and local residents. Kel has been busy conducting her first interviews and has already met with four local residents and is now feeling inspired for writing the first song.

As the project curators we will develop these stories, songs and reminiscences into an innovative guide for visitors to use on their smart phones whilst visiting Chedham’s Yard.


Keep an eye out for more blog posts or join our Discover: Chedham’s group on Facebook to find out how we’re getting on with the project!

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