Katy visits the Traveling Treasury at Bromsgrove Festival!

Last month our Administration Assistant Katy visited the Street Theatre on Bromsgrove High Street, as part of the Bromsgrove Festival, to see storytelling artists the Traveling Treasury, who performed at the festival on behalf of Shindig (the Worcestershire Rural Touring scheme managed by Live & Local).

Here’s Katy’s review of the performance:

Bromsgrove High Street came to life with a range of different performances for passers-by to enjoy. I found the Traveling Treasury caravan located towards the top of the high street before the row of market stalls began. The Traveling Treasury is a great family show and invites the audience to enter the performance space, which is an intricately decorated caravan – every aspect of the caravan is designed around words and storytelling, from cardboard trees that folded out to make the forest, to paper paths.  This immersive space allows the audience to experience a very intimate performance with the Treasury holding just 5 people at a time.

The performance begins outside the caravan with the Archivist giving each audience member a paper leaf printed with text. He tells the audience of his adventures discovering the most amazing stories he could find for his collection.

The story follows a little girl called Rose, who lives happily in the woods with her parents. Her mother dies and her father remarries a wicked woman who beats Rose until she runs away. She is crying in a clearing when the forest wraps around her and turns her into a tree. When Rose’s father returns and discovers his daughter gone, he runs into the forest and finds a rose. He then cries until the forest turns him into a tree that is forever entwined with hers.

The two performers play multiple characters and the piece involves mime and dance, as well as an audio track featuring music and sound effects.  The piece is perfect for children with its fairy-tale content and a really enjoyable performance for adults as well.

The Traveling Treasury is a fantastic example of storytelling and I hope I can see it again soon!


If you missed the Traveling Treasury then you can catch them on Saturday 12 September at Salt Festival in Droitwich. The Bromsgrove Festival continues to run throughout the rest of July and on Wednesday 29 July you can see another immersive performance called The Whale by Talking Birds on behalf of Shindig.

Other performances Katy saw at the festival…

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