Ladbroke Village Hall joins the Live & Local family!

Julia Snowdin, our Warwickshire and Worcestershire Fieldworker, has been busy recruiting new promoting groups to Live & Local.  She has put together this post to tell us a little bit more about a new addition to our rural touring family in Warwickshire…..

What an exciting first five months I’ve had! I’ve been to many shows, seeing a mixture of music and drama across Warwickshire.

I am happy to announce that Ladbroke Village Hall have joined the Live & Local family as a new promoting group in Warwickshire. I’m sure you are all as happy as I am to welcome them onto the scheme.

Ladroke Village Hall
Ladroke Village Hall

Ladbroke is a delightful village just a few miles from Southam, and the village hall was built in the 1930’s for ex-service men. Today, the hall is managed and looked after by Ladbroke Matters, a voluntary community group who also take care of the maintenance for the Millennium Green.

The group has a busy programme of events including race nights, film screenings and special events, such as the Gilbert & Sullivan Evening which is coming up in July. To diversify and expand their events, they are joining Live & Local to add drama and music to their programme for the community.

If you are ever in Ladbroke, rumour has it The Bell Inn does a superb Sunday Lunch!

It’s been brilliant meeting Ladbroke Matters and visiting the village hall.  I can’t wait to see a show in their venue!


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