Meet Greg – our Big Picture Show Screening Manager

We have plenty of exciting film screenings taking place over spring and summer, so we thought it was about time that you met an important member of the Big Picture Show team….our Screening Manager Greg Morss!

Big Picture Show’s Manager, Sally Rew, caught up with Greg at a recent screening at Colwich & Little Haywood Village Hall in Staffordshire.  Sally chatted to Greg about his role for Big Picture Show as he was setting up the big screen, the projection equipment and the surround sound system, all of which takes him between an hour and an hour and half.  He can chat at the same time as he’s an old hand at this now!

Sally: What do you like about Big Picture Show screenings?

Greg: It’s just such a friendly atmosphere to enjoy seeing a film with friends.  There’s lots of chat before and after the film, often the promoters sell drinks and popcorn and so on.  The audiences generally get the kind of films they want to see – perhaps they’ve missed them at the cinema, or can’t get out to the big multiplexes – and they often show their appreciation at the end of a screening with a round of applause!  You don’t usually get that at the regular cinemas!

Sally: What do Big Picture Show promoter groups need to know, technically, about putting on screenings? 

Greg: When a group is interested in having a screening, if it’s their first time, one of the Big Picture Show team will usually visit their venue, to check out that it’s suitable – the main considerations being that the room is high enough (as most venues don’t have raked seating), and that the acoustics are good enough.  On the night it’s all pretty simple for the promoter because I come along and technically manage the event from start to finish.  All I need is a bit of help with some lifting and carrying at the start and end of the night.  And a beer if it’s on offer! 

The screening of the popular British comedy What We Did On Our Holiday at Colwich & Little Haywood was another good night out at this village hall, thanks to Greg’s technical expertise and our local promoter, Colin, who does so much to bring entertaining events to his local community.

What We Did On Our Holiday
What We Did On Our Holiday

Big Picture Show is the rural touring cinema service offered by Live & Local in Staffordshire and Warwickshire, bringing to village and community halls all the technical equipment necessary for a cinema-style experience.

If you would like more information about upcoming screenings or the scheme please visit our website

Big Picture Show is proud to be part of the BFI Film Audience Network

BFI Film Audience Network
BFI Film Audience Network

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