Live & Local Announces East Midlands Expansion…

We have some exciting news!

During 2015 Live & Local will be taking on the management of three touring schemes in the East Midlands.  These rural touring schemes are currently coordinated by Nottinghamshire County Council (NCC); Village Ventures in Nottinghamshire, Centre Stage in Leicestershire and Lincolnshire Rural & Community Touring.  NCC will maintain the level of investment in their scheme and great support also continues from the other local authorities in Nottinghamshire and Lincolnshire and some Districts in Leicestershire. A decline in some resources however has impacted on the overall co-ordination of the schemes, so NCC have been exploring how to best offer the same quality and extent of programme into the future.

In October 2014 Live & Local was approached by NCC with a view to entering into discussions with regard to taking on the management of the three schemes. Working with Arts Council England and NCC we have discussed how best to sustain these schemes into the future. It has been agreed that co-ordination of the three schemes will be handed over to Live & Local to be run in conjunction with our other schemes in the Midlands.

This expansion will give us a robust platform from which to deliver our business plan that is designed to add greater resilience to the organisation. It also helps to underpin the rural touring infrastructure across the country by providing a strong foundation for community touring to thrive in the Midlands for years to come.

Live & Local Executive Director, John Laidlaw says:

“This is excellent news. It represents major growth for Live & Local and will help to protect all the community touring schemes that we will manage. The fantastic legacy of Sue Beresford and her team at Nottinghamshire County Council gives us great confidence for the future. We are delighted by the assurance and support shown by Arts Council England and the County Council in Live & Local’s experience and capabilities so that we can take on this exciting new phase for our company.”

We will work closely with NCC and ACE for most of 2015/16 and fully take over the reins in August. We are also committed to maintaining the current level of support and connections across our existing network with all funders, promoters, artists and audiences.

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