2014: new year, new shows!

The time has come again, as we approach another season full of fantastic shows, to ask the Live & Local team to pick the ones they are most excited about….

John, the leader of the team (Executive Director) has picked For Their Own Good, by Untied Artists

“Having seen the first part of this show twice in development I want to see how the story turns out. I was captivated by their use of a puppet horse, which is different from, but as successful as in War Horse. I actually think this is a deeper and more thought provoking piece of theatre!”

Sally, keeps us all in order (Administrator) chose Little Earthquake’s Tell Tale Heart

“It’s a classic story, full of dramatic tension, and I’m looking forward to seeing the unusual way they present the show, with one actor and fully visible live sound artist – using both high and low tech! Little Earthquake are a West Midlands-based theatre company, producing work that is building audiences and critical acclaim for their adventurous approaches to staging – definitely a company to watch out for.”

Frances, who’s out and about (Fieldworker) is looking forward to The Homing Stone by Hugh Lupton

“I really enjoyed Beowulf when I saw it last year, it made the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end and, as a recent convert to the storytelling genre, I am keen to come back for more. Hugh Lupton is Arthur Ransome’s great-nephew and in The Homing Stone he will be telling the dramatic tale of Ransome’s first world war experiences in Russia – as a history-lover this is something that really excites me.”

Jane, looks after the numbers (Bookkeeper) has chosen Shooting the Moon by Strangeface Theatre

“Strangeface’s blend of puppetry and masks to tell a story based in early cinema should make for a delightful night of theatre.”

Rosie, keeps track of everything (Assistant Administrator) has picked Every Mother’s Son by Multi Sotry Theatre

“The show looks like nothing I’ve ever seen before! The live video projection must give the whole show a new dimension, and splitting the audience’s focus between two stages means everyone has a unique experience. Such interesting themes of family and war, and such a vibrant way to explore them.”

Fiona, keeping in touch with everyone (Projects and Partnerships Officer) is tempted by the music and entertainment of Bowjangles

“I have relatively broad tastes musically, and always appreciate accomplished musicianship, whatever the genre. On top of that I’m expecting to enjoy the physical comedy and playfulness of the show. I wonder whether they will give the gals from Fascinating Aida a run for their money?”

Sarah, lets everyone know what is going on (Marketing Officer) likes the look of Vamos and their play Finding Joy

“I missed Vamos Theatre’s tour of Finding Joy last spring and I have been kicking myself since. The fantastic production offers a sensitive, honest and uplifting look at how we deal with old age and memory loss (a subject pertinent to my family and many others). I’ve heard so much about the fantastic mix of masks, music and movement that I cannot wait!”

Becky, the poster girl (Marketing Assistant) has gone for A Thousand Kisses Deep featuring Christine Tobin, Phil Robson and Dave Whitford

“Having always had a soft spot for Jazz I can’t wait for the opportunity to see such a spectacular trio, with world class credentials, to perform the fantastic works of Leonard Cohen, Joni Mitchell and Rufus Wainwright!”

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