Sell out concert in village hall gets ‘tumultuous applause’

A report from Chris Knightley, Secretary, Tansley Village Hall:

“Tansley Village Hall held a sell-out performance on Saturday night 9th November of The Churchfitters in Concert. Four years to the month since its first Live & Local concert, and now fully renovated throughout the ground floor, this cosy, comfortable venue hosted three touring members of the Anglo-French Churchfitters band. They wowed the audience with their wealth of instrumental talent and original songs. Regular visitors and the many newcomers enjoyed Rosie Short’s strong but mellow singing accompanied by her brother Chris, an excellent fiddle (and musical saw) player, while Boris Lebret played a variety of home-made bases and pumped out the beat with his ‘amplified foot’. Over the course of the evening, everything from musical saw to tin whistle were brought out to intrigue and surprise the audience. After a much-demanded encore, the band finally left the stage to tumultuous applause to close an amazing evening’s entertainment.

Tansley Village Hall looks forward to hosting its next sell-out gig, The Roving Crows, on Saturday 8th February.”

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