DART – a Worcestershire project

As well as putting on surprising shows in surprising places, here at Live & Local we also work on a range of projects, here is a little more about a project that we are currently working on in Worcestershire.

The Developing Artists in Rural Touring (DART) project is hitting its stride as a talented batch of artists has been selected to take part in the inaugural stage of this development programme. DART is a new initiative designed to develop performing artists and companies towards opportunities in Worcestershire and wider rural touring, and begins next month with DART-Day.

Developing Artists in Rural Touring

The DART panel met for the difficult job of selecting which enthusiastic applicants will join us next month, and we are pleased to announce that the following performing artists and groups will be participating in Stage 1 of our development programme:

– Jestaminute Community Theatre
– Keneish Dance
– Mumbo-Jumbo
– Parlor Dance
– Remi Harris Gypsy Jazz with Deborah Rose
– Tin Box Theatre

These brilliant artists will meet our panel later this month for DART-Day, an opportunity to showcase their work, receive feedback and learn about touring opportunities within Worcestershire and in the wider rural and small-scale touring contexts. There certainly is a great deal to be learnt from such a varied panel, which includes: Worcestershire County Arts Officer, Steve Wilson; Director of Live & Local and Shindig, John Laidlaw; independent producers, Pippa Frith and Tash Daly; musician, James Stretton, and theatre-maker, Jake Oldershaw, of award-winning company Untied Artists, alongside experienced Shindig promoters and Worcestershire venue programmers.

If you want to find out a little more about the project and to keep up to date with future opportunities, head over to http://developingartistsinruraltouring.wordpress.com.

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