Live & Local team pick their autumn favourites

At the beginning of each season we start gossiping about the shows we’re looking forward to seeing most, so we thought we’d share our hot tips for the autumn with you…

John: For me is it The House by Sofie Krog Teater, a comedy thriller for teens and adults from an internationally reputable puppet company, with one of the best sets and video trailers I’ve seen – it’s a must see!

If you’d like to have a look at the trailer for yourself, then click here… 

Sarah: I am really looking forward to the Bowjangles string quartet. I love watching artists who are really great at what they do and this group makes playing classical music whilst singing and dancing (even with a cello) look effortless. Their style reminds me a lot of the groups you see wowing the crowds in Covent Garden and I am sure that their vaudeville style will go down a storm with all ages at our venues too… I know I’ll be cheering them all the way!

Sally: I’m looking forward to the wonderfully titled ‘The Lovesong of Alfred J. Hitchcock’. As a member of staff much involved with our cinema scheme, I’m interested in film and film-makers and I’ll be interested to see what New Perspectives Theatre has got to tell us about the man and his work.

Rosie: I am really looking forward to The Tell Tale Heart by Little Earthquake – there’s something so live and unique about on-stage sound effects, and I’m always one for a good horror story told with a bit of humour!

Frances: In the new season I am most looking forward to seeing The Iranian Feast which sounds like a real theatrical and social experience. I’ve also attended Arabic celebrations before whilst visiting my brother in Kuwait and know how much fun they can be!

Fiona: It has to be The April Verch Band; there have been write-ups about them in Songlines magazine, including coverage of their new album, ‘Bright Like Gold’. They’re the sort of band I might expect to see at Celtic Connections festival in Glasgow, so to have them play so close to home is a real bonus.

Have a look at April’s impressive fiddle and step dancing skills here…

Becky: This season is it Emil and the Detectives that I am looking forward to seeing, a great story that sounds like it will bring some great twists and turns along the way, keeping you firmly on the edge of your seat.

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