Special Employee Award – Walton and West Forum

At Live & Local we have over 120 promoters – all of whom dedicate their time to ensure Live & Local events are success and bring their local community together.

We recently mentioned Gerard Rogers, who looks after not one but two promoter groups, and how Chesterfield Borough Council have acknowledged his hard work with a special employee award. So, we wanted to tell you a little more about this….

Gerard was nominated by ward councillors Shirley Niblock and Howard Borrell because of all the hard work he has put in to the promotion of Live & Local, and other shows, whilst Forum Lead Officer in the Walton and West area. Walton and West have had three visiting music shows so far at St Thomas’ Centre in Chesterfield, all selling out, and entertaining 300 people.

Gerard Rogers - Special Employee Award
Gerard Rogers – Special Employee Award

Cllr Niblock, also working hard as a promoter, said: “I would like to thank Gerard for highlighting the potential of putting on these events to promote community involvement, bringing people together to enjoy affordable, memorable and uplifting live entertainment. He also sorts out all the paperwork, goes to all the promoter meetings and then comes along to the events just to make sure that everything is all right on the night!”

Gerard helped bring The Old Dance School and Baltic Crossing to the area, as well as Standing in Line, a poignant show about First World War memories, music and verse, by local musician Lester Simpson.

Sara Goodwin, Head of Governance, said “Gerard has taken our commitment to communities to the next step by engaging and delivering outside his professional remit as a senior lawyer and lead officer, and doing this in his own time. By using his personal passion for the performing arts and his experience, Gerard has helped to raise the Council’s profile within one of its communities. The result: successful community engagement in action!”

Gerard commented: “When developing the Forum’s action plan I was pleased to suggest joining Live & Local as a way of engaging more people in the community and using entertainment to raise awareness of other work done by the Forum. I was able to put over 10 years experience as a Live & Local promoter in my own village – Tideswell – to good use in managing arrangements for these very successful and enjoyable shows”.

Big congratulations to Gerard, if there is anything fantastic happening in your community that you’d like to shout about or raise awareness of then email marketing@liveandlocal.org.uk

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