‘If you want something doing ask a busy person’

This week is national Volunteers’ Week, and it is important for all of us at Live & Local to celebrate our promoters and volunteers.

Celebrating Volunteers' Week!
Celebrating Volunteers’ Week!

Everyday we interact with skilled and experienced people who volunteer as Live & Local promoters, bringing invaluable local knowledge and the enthusiasm that makes this community touring scheme work so well. These same people often have many commitments outside Live & Local, taking on multiple roles within their community, demonstrating their willingness to get involved.

Our Live & Local experience shows us that all our promoters are busy people. One such supremely busy person is Jacky Nevill from Biddulph Moor Village Hall in Staffordshire Moorlands, who besides being on the village hall committee is a nurse at a local practice, student, sits on various charity committees, and organises charity fundraising events. Jacky is also on the committee of the Biddulph Festival and organises a rock and roll event every year, “Rock on the Rocks”, as well as other arts events. Our Fieldworker, Frances, says “She left me feeling tired just telling me about everything she does!”

Rock on the rocks!
Rock on the rocks!

Another example, from Derbyshire, is Gerard Rogers, who runs two promoter groups! One at Tideswell and one at Walton and West Forum. During the day, Gerard is a solicitor with Chesterfield Borough Council (he recently received an ‘employee of the month award’ for his work with Live & Local at Walton and West) and sits on the boards of theatre company, New Perspectives and the music-making organisation, Firebird Trust.

There are so many other promoters who also hold positions on the Parish Council, or support essential community ventures such as the shop and Post Office, or run village get-togethers. And, we just want to say a huge THANK YOU to all of you for volunteering, not just with Live & Local but in everything you do to enhance your community!

Thank you!

‘If you want something doing ask a busy person’ is the phrase people use when they’re looking for someone who can get things done, and we think it’s true.

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