News from the field: blizzards, bats and a hot air balloon

Today we’re catching up with Frances Newbury and getting an insight into life as the Live & Local Fieldworker based in scenic Derbyshire:

“Greetings! I’m Frances and I’m the new Fieldworker for Derbyshire and parts of Staffordshire”. You know, I really must stop introducing myself as the ‘new’ fieldworker as amazingly I’ve worked for Live & Local for five months now! It’s gone remarkably quickly, I’m still learning and doing new things every day and, even more excitingly, meeting new people and going to new places.

My job is very varied and whilst, at the time of writing, I’m sitting at home in my office catching up on emails from over Easter, checking how promoters are getting on in my area and wading through the mountain of paperwork that is show reports, tomorrow I’m off to New Mills in High Peak to watch A Love Like Salt by The Devil’s Violin Company. I hope the snow’s gone now (it is April, surely it must have done!). I’ve visited the New Mills area several times since I started last November and each time I’ve driven through snow and/or driving blizzards. I wish I’d taken a photo last time I was there as it looked spectacular with a snow-covered Kinder Scout in the background.

The best part of my job, I have to say, is getting out to meet promoters and attending the events. I had a busy week just before Easter when I saw three shows in three days: one drama; one storytelling and one Scottish folk duo! I felt like such a culture vulture! The prize for the most dramatic and unusual I think had to go to storyteller Hugh Lupton’s rendition of Beowulf. Hosted at the Anglo-Saxon church of St Michael in Church Broughton it came complete with drums, strange percussion sounds and bats! The village, although not far from where I live in Derby, was completely unknown to me and like many of our venues it was a perfect gem.

The new Menu shortlist of shows for next season has just come out and, judging by the extracts I saw at the recent promoter meetings, we’re in for a treat! It will be interesting to see which shows the promoters request. Whichever shows they choose, I shall look forward to seeing it, and you, soon!

Best wishes,

Frances Newbury is the Live & Local Fieldworker for Derbyshire and parts of Staffordshire. Since she submitted this blog post, Frances attended the event in High Peak:

“I made it to New Mills in glorious sunshine in the end. The sky was blue, a hot air balloon floated along with me for most of the journey and I even rolled down the car windows (despite the 4-5 ft snow drifts along the entire length of the Ashbourne to Buxton Road!) The show, A Love Like Salt, was fantastic and the promoter at Spring Bank Arts Centre hosted a wonderful evening! And I managed to get that photo of Kinder Scout that I’d wished I’d taken last time… even if the snow had all but disappeared”.

Photography of the stunny scenery in High Peak, Derbyshire
View over Kinder Scout from Spring Bank Arts Centre, New Mills – 6 April 2013

And because we’re suckers for stunning scenery, here are some more pictures from Frances’ recent trip to New Mills:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We are always looking to work with new communities so if you would like to find out more about bringing shows to a venue near you, please contact us.

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