Jumpstart at Worcester Arts Workshop

Worcester-based theatre company c&t hosted an open space event at Worcester Arts Workshop on 2nd February with an open call to all theatre-makers, practitioners, producers and promoters in Worcestershire to attend.  Live & Local’s Sally Rew attended the day to meet theatre-makers in the county and find out more about their ambitions and needs.  As Live & Local also manages the Shindig community touring network in Worcestershire, we are keen to keep in touch with locally-based artists and watch out for emerging talent and creative initiatives.

An open space event is a great way for people to engage in wide-ranging discussions on topics that emerge directly from the group, and with up to 40 attendees on the day the topics ranged from ‘how do we support experimentation’ to the practicalities of shared marketing and promotion.  The opportunity to meet, find out about each other and share experiences can lead to more joined up thinking between theatre-makers, venues and funders, with a view to creating a better environment for creativity to flourish.  The day was certainly full of energy and enthusiasm, with the group planning to continue to meet and share ideas and resources.

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