Favourites from last season

As our Spring season starts to gather pace, we are taking a moment to look back over the fantastic success of our Autumn Season, with over 100 shows across Warwickshire, Derbyshire, Staffordshire and Worcestershire.

Here is a quick insight to the shows that we enjoyed the most during in the Autumn Season:

John, our Director, went to see The Churchfitters:

“Excellent music and excellent audience rapport from a high quality group that is clearly totally at home in Live & Local and Shindig venues”

Jane, Bookkeeper, enjoyed Ceilidhography:

“I had a fabulous night whirling and twirling around the floor and laughing a lot as we all bumped into each other and getting it wrong. There is lots of fun to be had with this great band, producing a full vibrant sound and their entertaining callers trying to herd us into order!”

Carly, Assistant Administrator, had a chuckle at Bane:

“Bane was the show I enjoyed most last season- It is not often that you’ll catch me actually laughing out loud, but this was one. Really looking forward to seeing Bane 2 and 3!”

Sarah, Marketing Officer, took in the delights of Ross Couper & Tom Oakes in Concert:

“I had previously listened to this duo’s CD and heard from colleagues that their superb musicianship and high energy performances get the whole audience whooping and hollering for more, but it really has to be experienced to be believed! Their enthusiastic performance and warm personalities brought a ray of sunshine to my otherwise dark and cold November night.”

Becky, Marketing Assistant, got carried away with Hansel & Gretel:

“This was lively and emotional interpretation of the classic Brothers Grimm tale, brought to life with music and an enchanting set. The audience was involved throughout, helping to mark the path back to their cottage, and plenty of theatrical booing!”

Fiona, Projects and Partnerships Officer, enjoyed a night with The Atlantics:

“I thought the band were fantastic. The lead vocalists, Paul and Ruby, introduced each number, explaining why it had been chosen, creating a clever mix of the band’s own story intertwined with facts from rock and roll history, during which they could retune or change instruments. The band members are accomplished multi-instrumentalists so the set had variety and covered both their own material and some absolute rock and roll must-haves. A few dancers took to the floor and the rest of the audience were nodding and toe tapping throughout the show. I’d go to see them again.”

Frances, Fieldworker, went for a popular choice, Ross Couper and Tom Oakes again:

“It was my first Live and Local event and it was a totally unexpected, foot stomping and hilarious evening of music. I felt as though I’d stepped into a pub in Scotland or Ireland and was having a great night out with the locals.”

Ross Couper and Tom Oakes
Ross Couper and Tom Oakes

Which show was your favourite from last season?

2 thoughts on “Favourites from last season

  1. Loads…including…The Amazing Adventures of Pinocchio (Strangeface), How Steeple Sinderby Wanderers Won the FA Cup, A Christmas Carol and The Honey Man (all New Perspectives), The Way of The Drum (Mugenkyo Taiko Drummers) – all Tideswell. Lady Maisery (at Taddington), The Old Dance School (at Chesterfield). It was a busy year!

  2. Hi Gerard,
    Wow, that’s loads of shows! We’re absolutely delighted that you were able to get to see, and enjoy, so many performances.
    I was sorry to miss New Perspectives’ production of How Steeple Sinderby Wanderers Won the FA Cup, I still hear people talking about it when I go to events. And you have reminded me that I must book my tickets for Lady Maisery before they all disappear!
    Sarah, Live & Local

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