Q & A with Badapple Theatre

Badapple Theatre are currently delighting village halls and rural venues with their comedy take on a Dickens classic with Farmer Scrooges’ Christmas Carol. You’ve guessed it Scrooge is a grumpy Yorkshire Farmer! We’ll also be seeing more of Badapple Theatre next year as they present an uplifting comedy drama featuring Land Army Lasses, Buff and Biddy. Lights out Land Girls is set in the last long wartime summer between VE and VJ Day. Both of these shows are set to live music composed by the award-winning Jez Lowe.

We thought it might be nice to get to know Badapple Theatre a little better, so we’ve asked Kate Bramley, Company Director,  some probing questions!

Tell us a little about the company and how you got started:
We formed in 1998 when I was still directing for Hull Truck Theatre to take a new play about the aviatrix Amy Johnson, who was also from Hull, to Edinburgh Fringe.

Which is your favourite Live & Local or Shindig venue?
Bockleton, in Worcestershire (say the team with one voice!)

Any funny rural touring stories?
Erm. We did once get an aeroplane stuck in a lift. It was the set. It came out eventually…

What makes rural touring so special?
The audiences. And organisers. So welcoming and cheerful! People are excited to come together and enjoy a good, social night out.

How would you describe Lights out Land Girls in three words?
Pride, hope and humour.

If you could have one super power what would it be?

Favourite type of cake?

Hidden talent?
Plate spinning.

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If you fancy catching a Badapple Theatre performance visit our website for dates.
Or, to find out more about Badapple Theatre themselves visit: http://www.badappletheatre.com/ 

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