From our ex Derbyshire Fieldworker – so long, but see you very soon!

Vicki with her “Victoria’s sponge” featuring all the faces of the Live & Local team.

Many of you will already know that I recently retired ….but don’t think you’ve seen the back of me just yet. I’ll still be turning up to enjoy the great range of shows that I know will be on offer throughout the county next season!

The last three years have been very happy ones for me and I’ve really enjoyed meeting all of Derbyshire’s wonderful Live & Local promoters. ‘Surprising shows in surprising places’ just wouldn’t happen without the enthusiasm and hard work that promoter groups put in to achieve such successful and enjoyable events.

For me, one of the many rewards of the job has been to help new promoter groups through the initial stages of joining the scheme and then to sit in the audience for their first show seeing and hearing the enjoyment that they’ve brought to their own communities.

Vicki’s garden – where she’ll be creating a welcoming home to some beautiful bees!

My lovely colleagues in Warwick organised a super ‘send off’ lunch for me last Friday, with perfect presents, an excellent ‘Victoria’s Sponge’ cake and lots of good wishes. I shall miss them very much but will, of course, be keeping in touch.

My lovely leaving presents included a book on ‘How to Attract Bees to Your Garden’ and I’ll try to keep everyone posted on my success with this via Live & Local’s Facebook site.

All good wishes to you all, from Vicki

One thought on “From our ex Derbyshire Fieldworker – so long, but see you very soon!

  1. All the best for the future, Vicki. Glad you could come to the sell-out The Old Dance School in Chesterfield at the weekend, and thank you for your support in both Chesterfield and Tideswell

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