Lament, Rural Touring with Live & Local

This October has been the start of our second year of rural touring with Live &
Local with our show, ‘Latin Fiesta Rhythmic Explosion!’ and it’s started with a bang. We have been lucky enough to be the first to perform at two brand new Live & Local venues, Budbrooke Community Centre in Warwickshire and The Madeley Centre in Staffordshire.

We discovered rural touring a few years ago and also discovered that it was perfectly suited to our target audience, which tends to include families and the slightly older generation. The lovely thing about rural touring is that you get a real cross section of people and our performances feel like real community events which span a number of generations.

Rural touring has also taken us on many adventures, sometimes negotiating single track roads in the beautiful British countryside only to find spectacularly pretty villages at the end of them which we would never have otherwise discovered and more importantly, village halls, hubs of activity with warm communities all up for a party!

Many a Lament performance has concluded with a whole room full of people up dancing and for those that perhaps aren’t dancers, well, sometimes they surprise
themselves, but everyone tends to get involved in some way, from showing off their salsa skills to clapping and singing along. It’s immensely satisfying as a performer when you can see the audience visibly enjoying themselves and responding to your music.

There are occasional challenges to Rural Touring, for example, trying to negotiate getting into costume in the disabled toilet and making sure that you get the best sound possible in what are sometimes some challenging spaces but on the whole the positives far outweigh the negatives and rural touring schemes allow us to take our music to new audiences as well as bringing professional shows to unusual places. We are already planning a new show for next year and hope that those in higher places continue to support and value Live & Local into the future and beyond…

by Kath Kimber, lead vocalist, Lament

Lament at Yoxall Village Hall

Kath and Chris prepare to go on stage at Yoxall Village Hall

Lament at The Madeley Centre

Soundchecking at The Madeley Centre

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