Arts on our Doorstep: Tunnel Vision

‘Tunnel Vision’ is a community art project organised by Ryton on Dunsmore Parish Council and the village Youth Club following a successful bid for funding from Arts on our Doorstep

The project has seen the Ryton on Dunsmore community work together to redecorate the underpass on the A45 in the village. Qualified tutor and artist Alisha Miller has worked with the community to help them to realize their ideas. Local residents attended community meetings and workshops to discuss and develop designs to bring the subway to life with images and colourful shapes.

During August as many local people as possible of all ages have had the chance to pick up a paintbrush and ‘make their mark’.  Over 150 people have contributed to the project– through the workshops and the painting. These people have given over 400 hours of their time to make this happen!

Some of the villages younger residents said..

“I think it’s fun to paint the subway, and having all my friends with me to join in” – Emma 10

“I helped choose the designs at the youth club session. My favourite part is painting and watching it come to life!” Daniel – 10

“It’s my first day helping, I can’t believe how much has been done already. I think it brings the community together in times like this when the country is divided. Doing something positive helps” – Ethan 13

And other residents said..

“It’s just shows if people come together you can achieve something really positive really quickly”– Faye

“I like getting involved with the community and it feels nice to be doing something creative” – Mickey

To read the whole story visit the project blog,

The subway will be officially opened on Friday 2nd September at 6pm by the Mayor of Rugby, Councillor Mrs Gwen Hotton.

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