Estonian band Ro:Toro went down a storm earlier this month when they performed at Heanor, Great Longstone and Taddington in Derbyshire and Pailton in Warwickshire.

Here are some pictures from the show at Pailton:

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The band play traditional Estonian melodies with female pipers, an improvisong saxophonist, groovy guitarist and an experimental percussionist who plays water drums – consisitng of upturned plastic bowls floating inside larger plastic bowls filled with water. The resulting sound is like nothing you have heard before!

They play their own compositions alongside traditional melodies which included a haunting song sung in Khanty, a unique Finno-Ugric lanuage spoken by people who live in remote parts of Russia. We were also treated to a flat foot waltz, learnt some Estonian words and marveled at some unusual instruments such as the Jew’s (or Jaw’s) Harp.

The band were great fun and got everyone’s toes tapping as their rock and jazz influences added a really funky twist to the more traditional bagpipe sounds. A fabulous night was had by all!

Emma Lewis – Live & Local

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