Live & Local @ Fillongley Village Hall

We have just staged our third event, ‘The Singing Bones’. Eighty two people attended and enjoyed an awesome evening of entertainment. These very professional performances were found and made available by Live & Local, and were only staged because of their initial encouragment and their ongoing friendly help and support.

The key to it all is the financing*. The act cost £764 which we couldn’t look at. But through Live & Local our risk was £210, a fair risk to us, even for the first event which was a step into the unknown.

That money brought an incredible and unique experience, at home, to local people. The shows altogether have brought in tranches of locals and have raised the profile of the village hall and its influence in the community. The shows have also attracted people from surrounding towns and villages, who go away impressed, maybe inspired, by our active and friendly community.

The shows have also created dialogue, and networking, between us and other villages who have staged shows. We have made contacts with Maxstoke, Arley and Ansley which are very likely to develop.

To stage the shows we were inspired, after years of hesitation, to take out a Premises Licence. This has licensed us for public entertainments and has extended the range of activy at the hall, to the benefit of the local community.

Live & Local Promoter, Fillongley Village Hall Committee

* Live & Local events at Fillongley Village Hall are subsidised using funding recieved from North Warwickshire Borough Council, Warwickshire County Council and the Arts Council England.

 ‘The Singing Bones’ – The Devils Violin Company 

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