What will you see this autumn?

Well the new season is underway: the contracts have been written and signed; the What’s On diaries have been printed and the show details are on the website and the Promoters have been putting up posters, handing out flyers and, most excitingly, selling tickets!  With less than four weeks to go before the first show, none of us can contain our excitement; all the talk in the office has been about which shows we’re looking forward to (well that, and Emma’s engagement, and Helen’s holidays) but we are wondering which shows stand out for you?  What do you fancy going to see?

It seems only fair to tell you which shows we’re most looking forward to. So in no particular order:

Chrissy (Company Administrator) is looking forward to seeing Dolly: “I think it’s a fabulous idea to mesh the legend that is Dolly Parton while using Dolly the sheep to look at the contemporary issue of cloning, and the poster puts the icing on the cake!”

John (Director) has chosen The Two Gentlemen of Verona as his pick: “A two-person Zimbabwean version of Shakespeare’s comedy, done in the round! Surely a most surprising show in a surprising place!”

Helen (Admin Assistant) can’t decide between Family Matters and Vertigo: “We saw a snippet of Family Matters at the Warwickshire promoter meeting in March and it promised to be very funny and Vertigo because I really can’t imagine how they’re going to create a Hitchcock classic in a village hall!”

Emma (Development Officer – Projects & Volunteers) is looking forward to seeing When the Shops Shut: “I missed out on seeing cscape’s last show and heard such good things about it so I’m really looking forward to When The Shops Shut”.

Suzanne (Marketing & Admin Assistant) is a big fan of live music and is she thinks “Latin Fiesta Rhythmic Explosion! will definitely be welcome on a cold Autumn night!” She has seen Cat Weatherill perform in the past and is really looking forward to seeing her again this season too.

I, Sarah (Marketing Officer), should probably say something here about the huge variety of different acts, the high quality of all of them and how it’s impossible to choose between them, but this really is a given.  My top three shows for the season are Dolly, Vertigo and The Old Dance School.

I haven’t been able to get Vicki’s (Derbyshire Fieldworker) pick for the Autumn Season yet but when I do, I’ll add it here.

We’ve told you our picks but what do you hope to see this autumn?  Leave a comment below.

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