News from the Derbyshire Fieldworker

A few days ago I realised that I’ve been in post now for almost a year so thought I should jot down some of the highlights . One of the greatest pleasures of the job has been to meet some of the dedicated and capable folk who make up the lively network of L&L promoters across Derbyshire.  Just like their venues, they have their own unique personalities and enthusiasms but all share the common aim of creating enjoyable opportunities for local people to get together at a Live & Local Show.  Their hospitality, generosity, local knowledge and organisational skills are what make the scheme the success that it is. I’ve been amazed by the range and variety of venues being used,  from tiny and remote village halls to vast and lofty churches.  It’s great to see them full of people having a great night out together (and not just bumping into each other on Polling Day). 

Some of the valuable things I’ve learnt are:

  • Never assume that a country lane can’t get any narrower than it is at the moment.
  • Always take chocolate AND wellies.
  • Mobile phones actually need a signal in order to work. 
  • Getting lost can lead to discoveries

Some of the things I’ve loved are:

  • Sitting in audiences surrounded by people enjoying themselves
  • Seeing performers and promoters working together to create a magical evening
  • Sampling the truly gorgeous cakes and refreshments made by promoters
  • Being a small part of something that makes a difference to people’s lives

So, I’m very much looking forward to the new season and to finding out what shows people have chosen.  I’m hoping to meet up with many of more of you over the Autumn and Winter. Meanwhile have a great summer regardless of the showers.

Vicki Campbell

Waingroves Community Centre
A Live & Local venue in Derbyshire

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